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Your Toxic Parents Never Defined You

Redefining "but they are family' and other manipulation tactics you have been led to believe.

Ohio Therapist

If you:

  • Struggle to set and maintain boundaries with parents and within your relationships.

  • Constantly find yourself saying 'yes' to people and instantly regretting it.

  • Struggle with guilt and shame when you do stand up for your needs or take time for yourself.

  • Find that you have NO time for yourself and easily become overwhelmed.

  • Find that you struggle to put yourself first and constantly beat yourself up with negative thoughts.

  • Take on your parents' responsibilities and burdens and feel guilty when you cannot help them out.

  • Feel held back by the 'traditions' and expectations of your family.

  • Consider your relationship with your parents to be 'toxic' or view your parents as emotionally immature or unavailable.

Then you are in the right place!

Ohio therapist
You have the power to make simple changes that will give you a more satisfying and rewarding life. My services are here to help you! Each session is personalized and structured around your individual needs because therapy is not a one size fits all approach.

When Working With Me...

We will work together to build an understanding of boundaries. I will support you as you practice using and maintaining boundaries within your relationships.

I will help you advocate for your needs by saying 'no' to taking on extra tasks when you need a break. Together we will rebuild your self-confidence and self-esteem by strengthening your relationship with yourself.

Together we will break down expectations and explore how they have impacted your life. We will address questions and struggles related to your relationships.

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