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You Are Not Your Trauma

Therapy for Individuals and Families seeking to break free of Intergenerational trauma and the symptoms it creates.

Family Picnic

Intergenerational Trauma 

Do you struggle to maintain boundaries with your family members? Are you wanting healthier relationships with your family members that don't feel one sided? It can be difficult to separate yourself from your family when relationships roles become blurry. Maybe you were forced into a parental role at a young age, maybe you carry the weight of your parents emotional burdens, or you are the glue that holds your family together. Therapy can help you create boundaries, improve relationships and help you find an identity outside of your family, while working through the trauma that occurs when roles within a family are blurry. Using Compassion I work with you to help rebuild your independence, improve familial relationships, and improve negative thought patterns related to family struggles and/or trauma.

Anxiety & Depression

Are your thoughts and emotional struggles impacting your relationships, or your ability to be happy? Depression, shame, guilt, anxiety and fear are some of the most frequent and uncomfortable emotions that we can experience in our lives. Through compassion based therapy and treatment, I am able to help you reclaim motivation and joy. I collaborate with you to improve relationships, increase self esteem, and find peace. Together we explore your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors to build an understanding of how they may be related to current struggle, so that you can experience less stress and reclaim the life you enjoyed.

Adolescent and Child Therapy

Adolescents and children face many new struggles, challenges and pressures in today's ever changing world. Adolescents and children can struggle to navigate puberty, identity challenges, friendships and relationship struggles and figuring out how to navigate through life. Some adolescent and children can struggle to thrive in their environment. I work with adolescents and children to create a plan to help them reach their goals and find the best strategies that allow them to thrive.

Family Therapy

Families can face many different challenges, conflicts, and emotional struggles. Kids and adults in today's changing world face issues that previous generations never had to tackle. Families can struggle to navigate blended families, divorce, children who struggle to get along with the family, LGBTQIA* family members, grandparents that are raising grandchildren and single parenting situations. Some children struggle to succeed in school or at home despite the enormous amounts of effort by the family. I work with families to create a plan to to help reach the goals they have set, by focusing on and utilizing the strengths of the family.
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