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Individual Therapy

Your feelings and experiences belong to you, but you don't have to struggle through them alone. With the right help and support you can begin to feel better.

Together We Will:

  • Identify, explore and process through the thoughts, feelings and behaviors that drive your anxiety and depression symptoms.

  • Challenge negative thought patterns that contribute to stress and discomfort.

  • Develop coping skills to help you feel more grounded and empowered in your decisions.

  • Clarify your hopes, goals, and expectations for yourself. While breaking down unrealistic societal expectations that maybe holding you back.

  • Draw upon your strengths to develop coping skills to help you feel more in control.

  • Work to build a support network that helps you implement and maintain boundaries within your relationships.

  • Rebuild self-confidence and self-esteem by challenging your inner self critic.

  • Identify, process, and challenge deep rooted guilt and shame that may occur when prioritizing your needs. 

  • Work to help you prioritize yourself and say "no" to extra tasks to help reduce extra stress and anxiety.

  • Discuss informative research that will help you better understand your feelings and behaviors.

  • Work to create a positive relationship with yourself that allows for you to care for yourself with kindness and compassion.

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