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Family Trauma

Parental and Family Trauma

Just the word 'family' can foster a lot of different emotions and thoughts. Your journey in processing through those emotions are unique, and so the support you receive should be too!  Asking for help to find yourself outside of your family roles can be hard especially if those roles are blurry. Your feelings are valid and you deserve support. 

Together We Will:

  • Identify and explore your feelings and how they relate to your unique relationship and family experiences.

  • Discuss informative research that will help you better understand your feelings and behaviors.

  • Address questions and struggles related to your identity within different types of relationships.

  • Draw upon your strengths and develop coping skills to help you feel more grounded and empowered.

  • Work to create a support system that allows you to advocate for your needs without experiencing overwhelming amounts of guilt and/or shame.

  • Explore the cycle of seeking validation from your parents/family member{s} that often tends to be met with hurt, pain, anger and resentment.

  • Process through any emotional neglect or lack of emotional bonding you may have or are currently experiencing with your parents/family member{s}.

  • Break down "golden child" and other unrealistic expectations that were placed upon you as a child. Along with processing the current impacts of those expectations.

  • Work to create a positive relationship with yourself that allows for you to care for yourself with kindness and compassion.

Don't hesitate to reach out.
I'm available to answer your questions.

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