My Story

I’m a homegrown southern gal that came to the city for some new adventures. I enjoy staying in with a good book, trying new foods, gardening, traveling, and video games. My biggest passion is capturing the beauty of nature in acrylic paintings. I’m fairly introverted but always down to have a good time with my friends.


My clinical experience includes working with diverse populations in a school setting and in private practice. My passion for mental health is rooted in my own struggles with severe anxiety and past trauma. I believe so many of the issues that we face are rooted in our childhood experiences, past and present relationships, environmental factors and societal pressures. While it’s impossible for any of us to completely control our circumstances, I can help you learn to control the thoughts and feelings that drive your responses and interactions with the world around you. Learning these skills will help you build healthier relationships and live the life you desire.


I take a compassion-based therapy approach applying CBT techniques to help reduce anxiety, depression and trauma symptoms. My primary goal is to create a safe, judgement free space for you to be honest and raw while fostering growth. I specialize in working with individuals and families struggling with intergenerational trauma and the symptoms such as anxiety, depression, and relationship struggles.